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Established to assist its clients through environmental
monitoring analysis and appropriate compliance measures,
ALA is here to make sure your facilities meet and exceed
all necessary regulations.

ALA Microbial Services

Advanced Laboratory Analysis offers a wide variety of services to many different facilities across the country. We work with facilities that specialize in a wide range of operations with a diverse product output.  

Each facility we work with has a set of procedures and standards to uphold that A.L.A. can assist with. Our services such as viable air/surface testing, production testing, performance verification and validation testing, allow facilities to test their environments to ensure that those requirements are being met. If you have a form of testing that is needed but do not see it listed, please reach out by phone or email to discuss the necessary steps for the test so we can accommodate your needs.

Viable Testing

Undesirable contaminants can be identified through viable testing and typically includes impaction air sampling and surface sampling. These tests can bring attention to the presence of particulate, bacteria, and fungi in the air or on the surfaces in facilities. This will allow the proper actions to be taken to ensure that the environment is meeting its required level of cleanliness. We maintain a large inventory of microbial samples for this testing and are capable of both providing the necessary supplies and receiving the completed test for incubation and analysis.  

Production Testing

Impaction air sampling and surface sampling can be used for production testing to test for particulate, bacteria, and fungi. Viable compressed air testing can also be analyzed to identify the same traces. This service can discover contaminants that may interfere with the sterility of the products while being assembled, cleaned, and packaged.

Species Identification

Each of our tests require the samples to be incubated for a specific amount of time and analyzed once that time period is completed. Through the process of analysis, the bacteria, particulate, and fungi can be identified to better pin point the cause of the growth. Therefore facilities can adjust and put procedures in place to remove the contamination. Our services surpass basic species identification and upon request further evaluation can be completed as well as gram stain testing to best understand the bacterial growth.

Performance Verification

Personnel/glove tip and media fill testing can be completed to check for performance verification of the technicians. These tests will allow for the process to be analyzed and for any issues with the cleanliness of the work to be identified. It is important for technicians who perform sterile compounding or process hazardous material to be following the protocol and work standards exactly.

Validation Testing

New facilities require cleanroom/process validation before beginning production. The cleaning practices need to be performance verified and equipment needs to be tested to ensure they are meeting the cleanliness requirements of the process. Impaction air sampling and surface sampling should be used to validate the process in order for work to begin. The results from these tests can be used to help create alert and action levels that will be used for future environmental monitoring.

why ALA Microbial?

Advanced Laboratory Analysis exists for the purpose of providing premium, top of the line solutions and cost-effective services for your company demands. We work with sterile compounding facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical manufacturing facilities. The testing done at these facilities is key in the inspection of the environment for bacterial, fungal, and particulate growth.

Who We Service

Sterile Compounding Facilities

Medical Device Companies/Biotechnology


Pharmaceutical Industry


Food Preparations/Service Companies


ISO 17025 Accredited