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About Us

who We Are

A.L.A. is a family run business that focuses on providing top tier solutions for its clients. Service oriented and science driven, Advanced Laboratory Analysis is committed to being available to the needs of its customers.

Our staff members bring to the table decades of experience coupled with bachelors and masters degrees in the fields of biology, microbiology, allied health, social/behavioral science and business. We have recently updated our facilities featuring top of the line new equipment, ample space to practice sterile procedures/analysis, and a state-of-the-art HEPA filtration system.

A.L.A. is excited and ready to develop strong professional relationships and to meet your analysis needs! 

Step Into Our Lab

Our lab started 15 years ago in a small space created in our building shared with our sister company. Since then we have moved to a new building and created a brand new space that is large enough to handle our work and expanding amount of customers. New equipment and experienced microbiologists have been added to the lab as well.

Our negative pressure laboratory equipped with HEPA fan filter units ensures the safest and cleanest testing environment.

We use a vertical Laminar Flow Hood for our bacterial identification procedures and sterile package transfer process.

Our A2 Biosafety Cabinet is used for both our gram staining and isolate transfer procedures.

Classifying and reporting species identification is made simple through the use of our electron microscope.

Multiple Thermo scientific incubators allow us to incubate numerous samples at three different temperature ranges to accommodate whatever is needed.